Q1 : Why should I use artificial grass instead of natural grass?

Even though natural grass looks very good in any space it is added to, it still has many drawbacks. Among those drawbacks are:

  • The costs and efforts involved in maintaining the grass and keeping it neat and usable
  • The patches and bald spots caused by usability
  • The need to water and trim the grass regularly
  • The presence of hygiene and health issues that are arise with the presence of organisms and insects in the grass
  • Cleanliness matters such as mud transfers that occur with using natural grass
  • Restricting use of your natural grass with weather changes

And many more!

Turfica artificial grass solutions provide you with the greenery you have always wanted, without the hassles or worries that accompany natural grass. Simply put, Turfica artificial grass solutions give you a green experience that:

  • Is difficult to distinguish from natural grass
  • Involves no pesticides, allergies, insects or germs
  • Requires no watering, mowing or up-keeping
  • Gives you uniform greenery without patches or discoloration
  • Offers you the same level of performance throughout the year
  • The ease of maneuvering, access and movement of wheelchairs across the grass, which make it the optimum solution for people with special needs
  • Gives you unparalleled durability and drainage that surpasses that of natural grass
  • Minimizes damage caused by erosion and extreme weather
  • Does not fade, mildew or stain
  • Improves your property’s curb appeal and increases its value
  • Is safer than natural grass, for you, your children and your pets
  • Is easily cleaned, maintained and looked after

Q2 : Why should I use Turfica artificial grass instead of other alternatives for my children’s play area?

Turfica artificial grass provides you with the optimum solution required for children’s play areas. This is due to:

  • The consistently even surface of the grass that reduces chances of injuries caused by falling, slipping and tripping on uneven surfaces
  • The "cushioning" of falls that is much leaner than almost any other surface used for children’s playgrounds, caused by the shock absorbing features of Turfica artificial grass
  • The ease of maneuvering, access and movement of wheelchairs across the grass, which make it the optimum solution for children with special needs
  • The cleanliness that is the number one concern when it comes to natural grass, especially with regards to mud and insects
  • The fact that Turfica artificial grass does not get hot with excessive sunlight or with high temperatures

Q3 : I’ve heard that artificial grass eventually fades with exposure to sunlight. Is this true with Turfica?

Turfica is integrated with a UV protection solution that holds its color under the toughest conditions.

Independent research has proved that Turfica fades at a rate of less than 1% per year. This means that after ten years in direct sunlight, any color change will still be indistinguishable to the human eye.

Q4 : What about hygiene? Does Turfica artificial grass collect germs?

Turfica artificial grass is not only clean, but also pest-free. The synthetic nature of the grass means that it does not offer an environment that hosts pests, germs or insects.

Additionally, and unlike natural grass, Turfica artificial grass eliminates allergy infections such as those caused by pollen, or any nasal irritations caused by natural greenery.

Q5 : What happens when it rains? Where does the rainwater go?

Turfica artificial grass is water permeable, meaning that it allows water to drain right through it for immediate use after rainfall. This is also applicable when you hose the grass for cleaning. The water seeps right through and leaves your grass clean, dry and fresh instantly.

Q6 : How resistant is Turfica artificial grass to weather erosion issues such as wind, rain and sunlight?

Turfica artificial grass is synonymous with durability. Our grass does not get affected with foot traffic or play and is additionally unaffected by weather extremes or use. Turfica artificial grass is always green.

Q7 : Can my pets use my Turfica artificial grass?

Not only can pets use your Turfica artificial grass, they can try their might to abuse it and will fail! Your Turfica artificial grass comes with unparalleled durability that withstands the most aggressive playtime your pets may have. Additionally, its drainage features make it very easy to clean and its natural look and feel will leave your pets feeling great. Moreover, Turfica artificial grass eliminates the need for harmful fertilizers and insecticides as it does not host any natural and synthetic contaminants that harm your pets.

Q8 : Since Turfica artificial grass is made of synthetic material, how likely is it to catch fire?

Turfica artificial grass comes with fire retardation features that reduce flammability risks and leave you with a fireproof grass surface that is safe for you, for your children and for your pets.

Q9 : How often do I have to clean my Turfica artificial grass area? And how do I clean it?

Unlike natural grass, Turfica artificial grass does not generate dust or dirt. If your Turfica surface does get stained however, it is very easy to clean, simply by hosing it. Solids can easily be lifted and hosed away, and our range of do-it-yourself professional cleaning Turfica Doctor Kit products will remove the toughest of stains.

Q10 : How is Turfica artificial grass priced? What would be considered a reasonable budget?

Q11 : How long should my Turfica artificial grass last before I need to replace it?

Turfica artificial grass comes with superior durability and long lifespan. Ideally, your Turfica surface will last a good 15 years before any replacement is needed, if not longer, depending on usability and location.

Q12 : If a piece of my Turfica artificial grass is damaged or torn, how will Turfica help me?

Turfica artificial grass surfaces are not only highly customizable, but also easily maintained and repaired. Should your Turfica be damaged or torn, our team of maintenance professionals will assess the damage and fix it for you in minimal time, leaving it as good as new and ready to use in no time.

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